Victoria, Kansas
City Code Book

Code Book for The City of Victoria, Kansas
Updated January 2017
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  Article 1. General Provisions  
  Article 2. Governing Body  
  Article 3. Officers and Employees  
  Article 4. Personnel Policy and Employee Benefits  
  Article 5. Oaths and Bonds  
  Article 6. Open Records  
  Article 7. Investment of Public Funds  
  Article 1. General Provisions  
  Article 2. Dogs and Cats  
  Article 3. Other Animals  
  Article 1. General Provisions  
  Article 2. Cereal Malt Beverages  
  Article 3. Alcoholic Liquor  
  Article 4. Private Clubs  
  Article 5. Drinking Establishments  
  Article 6. Caterers  
  Article 7. Temporary Permits  
  Article 8. Special Event CMB Permits  
  Article 9. Keg Registration  
  Article 1. Fire Limits  
  Article 2. Building Code  
  Article 3. Electrical Code  
  Article 4. Plumbing and Gas-Fitting Code  
  Article 5. Moving Buildings  
  Article 6. Dangerous and Unfit Structures  
  Article 1. General Regulations and Licensing  
  Article 2. Solicitors, Canvassers and Peddlers  
  Article 3. Mobile Food Vendors  
  Article 1. City Elections  
  Article 1. Fire Department  
  Article 2. Fire Prevention  
  Article 3. Fireworks  
  Article 4. Flammable Liquids  
  Article 1. Board of Health  
  Article 2. Health Nuisances  
  Article 2A. Environmental Code  
  Article 3. Junked Motor Vehicles on Private Property  
  Article 4. Weeds  
  Article 5. Minimum Housing Code  
  Article 6. Rodent Control  
  Article 7. Fair Housing  
  Article 8. Insurance Proceeds Fund  
  Article 1. General Provisions  
  Article 1. Police Department  
  Article 2. Property in Police Custody  
  Article 3. Police Fees  
  Article 1. Uniform Offense Code  
  Article 1. City Parks  
  Article 2. Swimming Pool Regulations  
  Article 3. Public Recreation System  
  Article 4. Possession of Public Property  
  Article 1. Sidewalks  
  Article 2. Streets  
  Article 3. Trees and Shrubs  
  Article 4. Snow and Ice  
  Article 5. Encroachments  
  Article 6. Street Commissioner  
  Article 1. Standard Traffic Ordinances  
  Article 2. Local Traffic Regulations  
  Article 3. Hazardous Materials  
  Article 1. General Provisions  
  Article 2. Water  
  Article 3. Electricity  
  Article 4. Sewers  
  Article 5. Solid Waste  
  Article 6. Water Conservation  
  Article 7. Wellheads and Aquifers  
  Article 1. City Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Regulations  
  Article 2. Zoning Regulations  
  Article 3. Floodplain Management  
  Table I. Charter Ordinances  
  Table II. Franchises  
  References to Kansas Statutes Annotated  
  References to 1994 Code  
  References to Charter Ordinances  
  References to Charter Ordinances  


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